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    Dr Kalpana Jain is a versatile doctor and well-recognized not only in the field of health and fitness but renowned diabetologist in Delhi and NCR. She is a well established consultant in the area of Diabetes and Endocrinology. She has done her graduation and post graduation from one of the prestigious medical institutes of India (GMC, BHOPAL-1995-2005). Her expedition did not stop there and she further pursued her MD in internal medicine from GRMC, GWALIOR (2005-2008). Her remarkable achievement during her education is well supported by her excellent academic records and recognition


    After completing her education journey, she started serving as Senior Resident in the Endocrinology department of Safdarjung hospital and then St Stephen’s hospital, till 2011. Having gained a deep insight into the causes, cure, medicine and treatment of obesity, she has dedicated herself to making people more aware of it by focusing on and improving the individual’s health and fitness. Since then, she continued to enhance her learning, while endeavouring to target Obesity, Diabetes, Women’s health, Hormonal problems and Common lifestyle disorder.

    Dr Kalpana Jain actively engages in research having participated in several global trials in the fields of diabetes, health and fitness. To encourage and provide customized treatment packages she has done several certifications and courses such as Certification in Assessment and Management of Overweight and Obese Adult Patients (American Medical Association), Advanced Course in Thyroid Disorder Management by Indian Thyroid Society. She has participated in several programmes also, some of which are the Cleveland Clinic Practical Diabetology Program, Advanced Course in Thyroid Disorder Management by Indian Thyroid Society and ITS Program on Thyroid Disorder Management, Depression and obesity in Pregnancy and Obesity Management in postmenopausal women,: Technology and ScienceSelf-Assessment Program. She also runs a Diabetes clinic for 6 months at Ahinsadham, Madhu Vihar, Delhi. She also actively engages with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) as a Professional member. For her remarkable contribution to society, she was awarded by Delhi Medical Association (DMA) on 6th Jan 2013 with the “Academic Excellence Award ”.

    The impact of such a wonderful record in the treatment of health and diabetics is her customised plan for individual patients. Her expertise helps her in focusing on the root cause and different solutions for each patient making her popular amongst them.

    As a woman and a consultant doctor, Dr Kalpana Jain gives importance to women’s health as women bear exclusive health concerns, such as hormone imbalance, PCOD/PCOS, menopause, and pregnancy issues. She makes her professional mission towards this. This is her dedication by which she has been successfully running a Metabolism and women’s Health management program for the last 10 years for obesity management in women (Metabulix) targeting the Homemaker and working women between 20 – 50 yr. age group. She also provides various programs on weight management in women planning to conceive through IVF and health management in work from home culture in association with corporate. This led to remarkable results and Metabulix successfully helped in restoring the health and fitness of hundreds of women since its inception.

    During the COVID-19 period, everyone is now familiar with digital platforms and it’s now easy to provide valuable information through social media and live sessions and recorded lectures. Dr Kalpana Jain also gained momentum using these platforms and providing regular health and fitness updates through her Facebook page (Metabulix) with more than ten thousand active followers. Not even this she is also doing video lecture series on a healthy diet, Obesity management on “Halt Diabetes Platform” and Online Weight management programs for pregnant women, school going children, adult population with a busy lifestyle.

    Dr Kalpana Jain is compassionate towards her profession and her areas of interest include Obesity, Pre-diabetes and diabetes reversal, PCOS and Post menopausal women’s health. She is actively working on novel approaches for obesity management, in all types of clinical profiles and Pre-diabetes and Diabetes reversal. With this vision and mission, her future goals are to provide the best planned and robust platform not only for treatment but also prevention to keep every face with a big healthy smile.


    Nature is what inspires these wellness programs . When we think of Nature , our mind automatically goes in a peaceful , relaxing, soothing mode , free of all hassles and ailments . Similarly we work here to give you back the same, what nature has meant for you , freedom from lifestyle induced diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes Mellitus , that too in a most natural way.

    As  bright shine of sunrays clear the darkness wherever it falls , similarly we help our patients to change their lifestyle to loose weight and lead a diabetes free life .

    My Mission

    Our mission is to help people get a life free of obesity and its complications like type 2 diabetes mellitus , reaching to the most remote places through online channel.


    • MD (medicine)GRMC, GWALIOR, INDIA
    • Senior Resident, Dept of Endocrinology, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi
    • Senior Resident, Dept of Endocrinology, St Stephens Hospital, Delhi
    • Certification in Assessment and Management of Overweight and Obese Adult Patients (American Medical Association)
    • Professional member of the American Diabetes Association (ADA
    • Cleveland Clinic Practical Diabetology Program. Completed with active participation.
    • Advanced Course in Thyroid Disorder Management by Indian Thyroid Society
    • Academic Excellence Award by Delhi Medical Association (DMA)
    • Obesity and Diabetes clinic for 6months at Ahinsadham, Madhu Vihar , Delhi.
    • ITS Program on Thyroid Disorder Management in Dyslipidaemia, Depression and in Pregnancy.
    • ADA Diabetes: Technology and Science.Self-Assessment Program.